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Moving Away from Skeuomorphism towards more function

Everyone is either raving, criticizing or hating the enormous changes that the latest iOS has brought in. When I reluctantly upgraded to iOS7 this morning, I didn’t expect to get a brand new phone altogether! Seriously, it does feel like that.

But if one observes the current product ,design or even fashion trends, Apple’s move to let go of literal visual Skeumorphism seems like an obvious course of action. The world IS getting flatter & more functional! =)

But despite moving toward a flatter design in iOS 7, skeuomorphism still lives on in the software. But it doesn’t jump at you in the form of silly textures. Rather, the interface has subtle references to life-like dynamism that almost looks and feels scientific.


Now, coming to the use of giant size Helvetica Neue Ultralight, it looks beautiful and spacious. Almost like you sold all your old furniture on and hired an italian designer to redo your room!

Helvetica Neue has been around since donkey’s years.It’s almost everywhere you see, on billboards, signages and  giant advertisements.  But, using the “ultralight” version on a small screen? All I can say for now, is that it looks great & I would wait till I have to read some really long email to see if it hurts my brain!