Teapot Typography

Where there's tea there's hope
Where there’s tea there’s hope

Tea pot with an attitude.

Shot somewhere outside Picasso’s museum in Barcelona


Headache inducing Food Menu Design


Idigtype-menu-post Idigtype-menu-post2


In India, more is less.

I love this menu. I think it is a great case study on how to pair fonts together. It seems like the designer sent out different “style options” to the client and the client said I want them ALL, in the same menu.

Browsing past menus around on last Sunday, I really wanted to eat something at this place. After staring for a good 6 minutes at this, I got confused and irritated. I felt there was no hierarchy in this layout; if any one even knows what that is any more. There is absolutely no white space. It is like a punjabi bride on wedding day, adorned with little trinkets in every possible corner.

It seems to me the sole purpose of this piece of design is to look extremely hipster. It succeeds at that. This is without comparing this menu to any of the American bistros out there.

The restaurant seems to be doing alright. Here are a few fonts that have been used in this piece.

  • Bello Script
  • Clarendon
  • Birch Std
  • Bebas Nueidigtype-blog-font

Lhasa of Thar





Lhasa handpainted IdigType


We found this interestingly painted board for a Tibetan restaurant in the midst of the Thar desert i.e. Jaisalmer. You can see the golden fort in the background. Love the use of colors on this one. Not sure if anyone would be willing to try Tibetan food in Rajasthan but this signage surely catches the eye for the shear unusual-ness of it.